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24 to the rescue

Eurest | General |  17 February 2014


The culture of your workplace is changing. Generally, we’re moving to a less regimented time structure for working and this has knock-on effects. Early birds starting work at the crack of dawn and night owls working into the night — they all need to be fed. Cravers of fresh food and grabbers of treats or snacks — they all need to be fed. Can’t-stop-for-a-break-ers and hungry don’t-have-time-to-go-out-ers — they all need to be fed. 

So with such differing tastes and time schedules to cater for, people need a foodservice that will fill the tum, day and night. And that’s why we’ve created 24, a convenient, adaptable, self-service micromarket with a mission to provide uncompromised, 24/7 food for your people. 

24 combines the latest cashless and card payment technology, with access to over 300 product lines. Its current cornucopia of delights includes: chilled drinks, foods-to-go, fresh produce, healthy sandwiches, snacks, a few guilty pleasures and an all-pleasing selection of branded coffee options. It’s got something to satisfy the differing munching habits and changeable schedules of your entire workforce.

So, if you already have a workplace restaurant, 24 is an ideal way to enhance your foodservice, especially if you have multiple office locations or remote offices. It’s also flexible enough to fit into small spaces so is a perfect way to enhance the services you already offer, or to feed your hungry workforce if you don’t have the budget or space for a full-blown restaurant.

Things change for you so we expand what we offer to meet your needs. That’s how it works at Eurest.

To find out more about 24 and what it can offer your workplace, check out our eBrochure.


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