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The height of excellence

Eurest | Great price |  03 September 2015


When Nik Wallenda crossed the Niagra Falls amid swirling mists and driving winds, watched by over 100,000 onlookers and millions more at home on TV, he stayed on task because he knew that in stepping across that tightrope he was writing himself into the history books.

For Wallenda, part of a famous tightrope walking dynasty, failure was not an option, and even as he edged his way for 1,800ft along a two-inch diameter steel rope nearly 200 feet above certain death, he was feeling frustrated by the fact that the TV company’s insurance rules demanded that he must wear a safety harness — for the first time in his tightrope walking career.

How did he achieve such critical, lifesaving equilibrium? The right footwear was a good starting point. Wallenda wore elk skin moccasins made by his mother — their special slip-proof qualities kept him stable as he curled his feet round the wire to edge forward to make the most famous walk from the USA to Canada.

Good shoes aren’t the whole story of course. Nik had tightrope walking in his veins, being a seventh generation member of the famous Flying Wallenda family of circus performers. Asked how he managed to maintain his composure to achieve such a momentous feat, he talked of the importance of concentration, the focus and the training. And he also let slip that he’d done a lot of hoping.

At Eurest we leave nothing to ‘hoping’. The tightrope we walk is achieving the right balance of cost and outstanding service delivery to meet each individual client’s needs and, like Mr Wallenda, we want to stay balanced.

We base our costing on a concept we call ‘Financial Intelligence’ — which means we do everything in our power to give you a fair price for the best possible service, established with transparency, integrity and mutual trust. So no matter what level of quality and service you want, we will deliver them at a price that others cannot, or will not, beat.

Like Nik Wallenda, we’re experts at what we do and never compromise our standards. Our world-class reputation is built on the best service at the best price.

The perfect balance.

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