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Light bulb moments

Eurest | Great price |  30 July 2015

Light bulb


Well that’s the illusion; the reality is that a great deal of effort, research and determination went in to reaching that revelatory moment.

Take the light bulb. Many think Thomas Edison had a flash of inspiration that led to the invention of the light bulb. In fact it was the result of years of painstaking research, testing, re-experimenting and getting it wrong — indeed, it’s said that he produced 10,000 prototypes before arriving at the one that worked; a great deal of hidden effort for that big-impact moment.

Our Eurest promise not to be beaten on price is the same. Our promise is that we’ll provide the quality of food you want, delivered with the service you demand, at an unbeatable price. It’s taken a significant amount of development.

We have the confidence to make our price promise because we have a pedigree in the foodservice industry and an expertise that’s been fine-tuned for seven decades. And we know there are times when we might not have got it absolutely right first time. But that kind of effort and experience actually adds value to our operation; it means we can build in efficiency and best practice based on well-rounded knowledge of what went right and also what can go wrong.

The Edisons of this world don’t give up, and neither do we. We understand what the best ingredients for great foodservice are, and we know how to put budgets together — hard-won skills. And because we build our entire relationship on fairness and trust, you’ll know you’re getting the best service and quality for your money all the time.



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