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A brew-tiful thing

Eurest | Understanding you |  22 November 2016


"Shall I stick the kettle on?” Six simple words and a bad day can be made good, and a good day can be made even better. Whether it’s your wake up call, your bedtime beverage or your excuse for a sit down and a break, hot drinks are pretty high up on the list of creature comforts. Chances are you’re reading this with a cuppa nearby. It just feels right. And now, there’s a whole stack of scientific evidence to back up those good feelings…

Recent research has shown that people with hot drinks are generally perceived as warmer personalities (Fleming, 2014). Believe it or not, simply holding a cup of steaming coffee can make you seem more generous and caring. It’s all to do with your insular cortex — the part of your brain that deals with emotions and processes agreeable temperature ranges.

And if you’re stuck with the sniffles, experiments have revealed that hot drinks can provide “immediate and sustained” relief from coughing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness. They’ve even found that imbibing something sweet releases morphine-like pain compounds in the brain, which can lessen the more nasty effects of the common cold.

And the science doesn’t stop there — studies have revealed than our affection extends to include our favourite mug. Yours is probably on your desk right now, and you’ll know that it possesses precisely the right qualities for you to make the most of your tea or coffee break. It has to be the right weight, have the right handle shape, a pleasing design, and be just the right shade.

Here at Eurest, we understand the touches that make every culinary experience that little bit more enjoyable. We know what comfort means and we aim to provide that level of reassurance in our services. That’s why we take extra care to factor in what different people like and what will make for the most memorable dining experiences — so you can rely on us, just like you can rely on a warming cup of tea.

Reference: Fleming, Amy. (2014). A little warmth goes a long way. Available: Last accessed 4 November 2014.

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