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A gastronomic trip around the globe

Eurest | Geographical spread |  26 May 2016


You step out of the cool, air-conditioned climate of your hotel foyer and into a warm, dusty breeze. You don your sunglasses and set off with one thing on your mind — food. The first restaurant you happen across offers a menu of dishes you don’t recognise but you’re excited nonetheless. Your food arrives and it’s like nothing you’ve tried before: fresh new flavours and a dining experience you’ll never forget.

The season for the summer holiday is around the corner and with it comes culinary opportunities of every shape and colour.

Maybe this year you’ll travel to the Far East and experience the fresh, tangy spice of a Thai curry. It’s a delicious dish that usually comes with a creamy coconut base — perfect for offsetting the heat of the chillies.  

Perhaps you’ll take a trip to Japan and tease your taste buds with the unexpected flavours of traditional sushi. Made with love and care, Sushi is crafted by chefs, ‘itamae’ in Japanese, who train for up to five years just to be given the job of cooking rice.

Or you could head north to the crisper climes of Scandinavia and try one of Norway’s biggest exports — fresh salmon. Norse mythology tells how Loki turned into a salmon to try and escape punishment, but he was grabbed by Thor who got a hold on his tail. According to the myth, that’s how salmon got their tapered tails. Whether it’s smoked, steamed, fried or roasted — salmon is a deliciously delicate fish.

British cuisine too, has a rich and illustrious history. And nowadays, we take delicious flavours from around the world and incorporate them into our own dishes, so we have a fantastic selection of foods available to us wherever we go.  

At Eurest, we’re passionate about bringing you the best tastes from around the world — livening up your work day with a variety of feisty flavours. Pop into your local Eurest restaurant to take a trip around the word, without the airfare.

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