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A nail-biting hike

Eurest | Being safe |  10 September 2015


Mount Hua Shan is described as one of the most terrifying hikes in the world. Some fearless people go to flabbergasting extremes and hand-shaking heights on a walk in China. Chains are bolted on to the cliff-tops, planks of wood precariously fastened to the rock face and gondola lifts take you across nail-biting heights. These are just some of the perilous obstacles faced by people brave enough to take on the challenge.  

Despite the obvious danger walkers have to put themselves through in order to complete the trek, there’s still an increasing amount of visitors. The promise of serenity and a warm cup of hard-earned tea keep people coming back in larger numbers each year.

At Eurest, no matter how hard you work for that comforting cup of tea, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to get it.

We believe in a strong culture of safety leadership. Our carefully designed policies and procedures are clearly communicated and acted on, to ensure the services we operate are not just correct, but legally compliant and best in class.

Every single one of our 1,000 plus UK sites is fully accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety). We go that extra mile; we might have won awards for our health and safety programmes, but we’re not finished. We’re constantly striving for improvement and innovating new ways to be better at what we do — that’s the Eurest way.

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