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A postal service that cares — literally

Eurest | Great service |  04 August 2017

A red post box.

'Call & Check' is an innovative new postal/care service. It started on a small island, but it could soon go global. Here’s how it works.

Pressure is mounting

As the number of people aged 60 and over in the UK goes up, pressure on social services rises. And social care is suffering.

As always though, it just takes one small, innovative seed of an idea to take root, for a big solution to grow from it. And that’s exactly what we’re looking at here. The island of Jersey is trialling a solution that could go a long way to solving the care crisis.

A big idea, from a small island

It's called 'Call & Check', and its beauty is in its simplicity. The idea is that postal workers use their rounds to check up on older people.

It’s brilliantly efficient; the postal service already has the infrastructure in place to send an employee to the threshold of almost any household. It’s such a small step from there to knocking on the door to have a short chat with the elderly householder — and yet that friendly conversation can reduce loneliness, make sure the resident has everything they need, and even save lives.

The posties that are part of the 'Call & Check' scheme simply ask a few questions of the people on their list, then report back to HQ with updates. If there are any problems, HQ will deal with it. This way, the posties build a relationship with the people they visit. It doesn’t take much time out of their day, and means that older people who’re at risk, feel comforted, knowing that someone will be around to make sure they’re okay.

Putting the service into postal service

So far, the scheme has been a huge success, and is even being looked at by other countries around the world. Key to this success are the relationships between the posties and the older people they work with. Because they have regular contact, they can quickly pick up on any changes in the older person’s appearance or demeanour, meaning they’re well-positioned to offer help if and when it’s needed.

And that’s something we can relate to.

Our service is also about building strong relationships and using that knowledge to give a great service. We put a huge amount of energy into getting to know our clients’ businesses — after all you can only give the best possible foodservice if you know who you’re serving. And we’re there, day in and day out, ready to spot and meet your requirements — perhaps before you know them yourself.

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