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A stinking good time

Eurest | Great food |  11 October 2016


Flavour isn’t the only thing to enjoy about great food. Obviously there’s the presentation to enjoy as your dish of choice arrives, but sometimes there’s more to it than that. We’re thinking of the extraordinary foods that you can’t help but love for the care and effort that has gone into making them.

One of our favourites is Stinking Bishop, a speciality cheese made in Gloucestershire. It’s called ‘stinking’ for a reason, and is especially well known for its distinctive odour; it holds the dubious honour of having been voted Britain’s smelliest cheese.

A great deal of care and attention goes into making Stinking Bishop. For a start it’s made specifically from the milk of Gloucester cattle. And then there’s the time that goes into the process itself; each wheel of cheese is washed every four weeks during its ripening process in perry made from the local Stinking Bishop pear, which generates the distinctive smell. So as well as giving the cheese a good bath every month the cheese maker also needs to brew a fresh batch of perry.

The resulting cheese has a soft texture (similar to that of clotted cream) that develops a meaty pungency with age and yet has a flavour that’s rather delicate and herbaceous.

Strangely, the pungent odour has only made Stinking Bishop more popular and has even led to a cameo appearance in an Oscar-winning film. In ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’ Wallace was revived by the smell of Stinking Bishop, leading to an increase in demand of over 500 per cent.

The smell might put many off the cheese, but Stinking Bishop is a fine example of a unique recipe that takes care and attention to makes sure the final product is just right. We put that same level of effort into sourcing our ingredients to make sure your people have the best experience possible. We’re happy when everyone’s having a good time — we’re certainly not ones to create a stink…

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