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A truly sensual dining experience

Eurest | Great service |  31 August 2017


Eating at a restaurant isn't just about taste; it's about serving all of your senses. And one restaurant has taken that to the extreme…

Join us on a journey
Imagine you and nine other people standing on a quiet street in Shanghai. A people carrier with blacked-out windows turns up and you’re all jostled in. After a journey full of twist and turns you arrive at a mysterious building with no signage. You’re escorted inside you find yourself in a room with blank walls, no ornaments and a long dining table.

Don’t panic
No, this isn’t the start of a horror movie — it’s a dining experience that you have to book months in advance to get.

Ultraviolet in Shanghai is clearly no normal restaurant — it’s more of a sensory exploration. After the dramatic entrance, guests are in for a dining experience like nothing they’ve had before. That’s because Ultraviolet serves all the senses, rather than just taste (and perhaps smell) that you get at a regular eatery. 

Serving all your senses
The previously blank walls become canvases for projected images. These images are designed to set a scene for the food. So diners could find themselves in a meadow eating a salad, or under the ocean eating some seafood. And that’s not all. The images are supported by scent diffusers, giving people a smell of the environment they’ve been transported to. Added to that, a multi-channel speaker system cements the experience with an underlying soundtrack.  
Everything that happens in Ultraviolet is meticulously controlled, enhancing the diners experience by creating a unique atmosphere.

A new spectrum of service
Ultraviolet provides a great service by giving every sense something to celebrate. We’re serious about great service too, just in a slightly different way. For us great service means supporting all of our customers’ unique needs. To do that we work closely with all of our clients and make sure we provide exactly the right service for them, no matter what they need.

We continually assess and review the service we offer to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. We monitor market knowledge from around the world and combine it with regular feedback from your people to create a true picture of how we are doing.

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