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Act global, think local

Eurest | Local presence |  10 July 2014

act global, think local

In the UK we’re big on history and tradition; we’re famous the world over for it. As any tourist will tell you — from the battle fields to the battlements, the pagans to the palaces — every part of our isles is teeming with stories; and that includes our food. 

In many cases, our history is reflected in the food we treasure — take the birth of the mouth-watering pasty as a practical way for miners to take a sturdy lunch underground, for example. Or the fact that our cherished sandwich came about because of an ingenious earl wanted to carry on his day while he ate lunch.

Food can mean places or history or just a sense of belonging, so it’s understandable that we all like to see some reflection of our locality in what we eat. 

At Eurest, we’re part of a global family with a clear intention to think local; from food sourcing with an emphasis on provenance and sustainability, to the development of research programmes that give us a clear insight into local needs, tastes and preferences. 

So, when the Government of Wales asked us to help them put more Welsh produce in their restaurants, they needed a partner whose values mirrored theirs.

We made sure that all their requirements were met, including: prioritising healthy eating, promoting and maximising opportunities for Welsh produce and suppliers, supporting the Welsh economy and delivering value for money on every level. One of our challenges was to help raise the profile of local suppliers so we held ‘meet the supplier’ events to allow staff to try the produce on offer. 

Just like we did for the Welsh Government, at Eurest, we constantly look for ways to keep our clients’ priorities at the forefront of our thinking. Sometimes juggling the differing demands can be a challenge, but we’re convinced that we can develop a well thought-out and sustainable solution to meet all of your requirements. 

We all like our food to represent who we are and what we stand for.

If you’d like to know more about our work with the Government of Wales, read our case study:,

Eurest 2013, ‘Making local sourcing a thriving, viable reality’ [online] Middlesex, Eurest,, (25 March 2013) 


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