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All things to all people

Eurest | Great service |  27 August 2015


Our grandparents knew what was what and their days were segmented into chunks with specific functions: time to work, time to eat, time to sleep and, rarely, time to relax. When you ate, you sat at a table and focused on the task in hand with no distractions, even to the extent of largely eating in silence. 

Today is pretty much the antithesis of that scenario: informality is rising and the lines separating occasions are blurring. We multi-task and pack as much into our days as possible, eating while working, socialising, relaxing or travelling. 

The great thing is that our surroundings have responded to our changing demands — there are plenty of places to grab something tasty to eat and it’s totally acceptable to combine eating with every aspect of your life. You want food outlets that work the way you do: tables for impromptu meetings over lunch; grab-and-go options so you can eat, walk and talk; relaxed surroundings for a much-needed break from your desk and the chance for coffee and cake while you read through those notes. 

It’s important that workplace restaurants match your requirements — in terms of delicious food, great service and the right environment to help you get the most from every moment. You should have the option to bring your work with you, or, on the other hand, to be able to get away from it all. You should be able to grab a quick bite and continue your other tasks ‘al desko’; or go for a break with your colleagues and switch off for a moment. 

At Eurest, we design our workplace restaurants with all this in mind, so come on in — relax, refresh, revive — and use your space as you want to.

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