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Eurest | Understanding you |  07 October 2014

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Whatever our official job title may be, the working day can be tough, so it’s important that we refuel wisely. We’ve all been reminded from time to time that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and in the past that was undoubtedly true. But times, as they say, they are a’changing. 

Previous generations may have had less opportunity to eat during the day, and manual jobs required a much higher intake of calories first-thing — but the new work-style is a different matter. 

Now, the majority of our work is carried out sitting down, so there isn’t often the need for a large-scale power-load in the morning. And longer commutes mean leaving the house earlier, so most people just about manage to grab a slice of toast and a coffee before launching out onto the street. Combined, this means there’s a growing need and increasing chances to grab a little something here and there.

In fact, recent research has found that more than a quarter of working adults snack specifically when they’re in need of a boost, while less do it as a habit or for health reasons. The same research found that almost all adults enjoy a snack at home, at work or while studying and just under three quarters do it on the go. 

And it’s the classics that keep people coming back for more; with 21 per cent heading over to the confectionary aisle, 15 per cent crunching their way through bags of crisps and 12 per cent filling up on fruit. 

And people aren’t just snacking compulsively or on a whim. Instead, people are planning their snacks as a regular part of their daily intake, with three quarters of all snacks being bought in the supermarket, most likely as part of a regular trip for groceries, and over a third of snacks for the home bought as part of a multipack. 

It’s important to pay attention to these kinds of trends, so that working environments encourage our people to achieve their full potential. That’s why it really can make a difference to businesses to make the right resources available at the right times. 

Our sister company, 24 is one example of how businesses can respond to changing needs to maximise their investments. You can head over to their page to find out more about new solutions to changing demands in the workplace.

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