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An unlikely exercise in cost efficiency

Eurest | Understanding you |  14 July 2016


To enjoy a low-budget holiday and do their part to save the planet, one Australian couple went to extraordinary lengths to be cost effective…

The start of the adventure

Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman, from Victoria, Australia, wanted to take their kids on a relaxing holiday. But they had a two stipulations for their trip — it had to be cheap and it had to be eco-friendly. Their solution — to get on their bikes.

With their kids and dog loaded onto just two bikes — they took off on what tuned out to be an epic 6,000km, 14-month journey across Australia. 

More than just pedal power

How did they keep their costs down on such a lengthy trip? The secret was more than just pedal power. The family decided that instead of shopping for groceries they would forage for food in the wild. They ate fruit and berries that they found in the bush, as well as fish and shellfish that they caught in the ocean or rivers.

Even the dog, a Jack Russel called Zero, managed to feed himself by hunting wild animals.

All in all, the cost of the trip was astonishingly low — both in terms of cash and environmental impact. And, what’s more, the couple wrote a book about the experience, "The Art of Free Travel: A frugal family adventure", helping them recoup any of the small costs they might have incurred.

Now that’s dedication to cost efficiency.

Time for us to saddle up

Cost efficiency is important to us, too. And not just in terms of our business — but yours as well. We’re dedicated to keeping your costs down. And one of the ways we do this, is by using the economies of scale we get from being part of Compass Group. This means we can get great deals and pass the savings on to you — so you get the same fantastic service, for less.   

Take a look at our cost efficiency page to find out more.

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