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Anything but a trifling performance

Eurest | Consistency |  21 February 2017


There are a few staples of the Great British dinner (or lunch) that have made their way onto the international stage and stolen the spotlight. One that’s well and truly earned its place in the dessert Hall of Fame is the trifle.

Starting its journey as a simple dessert made by piling up alcohol-soaked sponge cake, cream and toasted almonds, the trifle was transported around the globe by adventurous colonists and built a solid fan-base on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Its character has grown and changed over the years to include all sorts of tempting ingredients, and the inclusion of jelly in the 18th century still divides dessert-lovers everywhere. But, ultimately, it’s never lost its roots. 

Whether you plan to use crisp boudoir biscuits, biscotti or madeira cake; fruit that’s fresh, tinned or frozen; shop-bought or home-made custard, you know what you want from your trifle, and you know what to expect. And that’s why it’s become such a star player on dinner tables around the world. You know that this piece of domestic art will be delicious and impressive; a finishing flourish to a great meal; a show-stopper.

We know that, when it comes to customer service, you want this same level of consistency. You want a dependably excellent performance, and that’s why we’ve invested in a comprehensive framework to ensure you get exactly that.

By carrying out regular customer insight programmes, we measure our success through how you see the delivery of our service, and we work hard to develop solutions that will be adopted throughout the business. Our initiatives are designed to ensure that we do what we do better than anyone else in the market, and to assure you that you’ll benefit from our dedication to developing our service and improving your daily experience.

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