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Eurest | Great food |  18 December 2013


There’s long been a debate about whether the loss of one sense is compensated for by other senses. Does blindness make your hearing better? Does deafness sharpen your sense of touch? Of course it could all be an old wives’ tale. 

However, one restaurant in America has constructed their entire business on this very idea. Eating in silence is the latest fad to hit the Big Apple and has received mixed reviews from avid food journalists and enthusiasts alike.

The idea is simple – you sit down and eat your meal with fellow customers and you say nothing at all. The purpose of this? To help you concentrate on the experience of eating; to make you appreciate your meal more than you would in a restaurant filled with the usual babble of clanging cutlery and other diners’ chit-chat.

And it isn’t just New York that has built an entire dining experience on this idea. All across Europe there are restaurants which are encouraging ‘blind-tasting’ — essentially the process of eating an unknown menu in pitch-black darkness. This disorientating approach is supposed to remove all pre-conceptions about the food and to enhance the diner’s sense of smell and taste, heightening the experience.

So which sense is the strongest when it comes to eating?

We believe that at any mealtime, food is the star of the show and that show is an all-round cabaret for the senses — a feast for the eyes, delicious and beguiling aromas plus flavour that dances on the taste buds. And we’d argue that a convivial atmosphere just adds to the experience. So while some may herald the uni-sensory restaurant; we’re going for the complete package. 

Hoby, H (2013) ‘Silence! The restaurant that wants you to eat without saying a word’ The Guardian, 10 October 2013 [online] (Accessed 14 November 2013)

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