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Arms up: here comes the feather

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  17 April 2014

Arms up: here comes the feather

What type of laughter do you have? Do you let out a little giggle, or a cackle? Does a snigger or snort sneak out or do you unleash an almighty roar? Well, according to a recent study, laughing is a natural pain killer and it can make us feel better.

According to research published recently, people feel less pain after a good laugh; this is because it triggers the release chemicals that act as a natural painkiller. It also depends on the way we laugh, too — a little giggle or titter doesn’t have as much as an effect as a big old belly laugh.

The experiment first tested the pain thresholds of volunteers and then split them into two groups. Group one was shown a collection of funny videos, including slapstick comedies; group two was subjected to golfing videos and other footage deemed boring by the researchers (sorry golf fans).

The results are in…

Members of group one that had a good old laugh were able to withstand up to ten per cent more pain than they had done before watching the videos.

The researchers also found that the group two, who had watched 15 minutes of boring programmes, were less able to bear pain. 

So, laughing really does make us feel good and at Eurest, we think your food should do the same. We want to make you feel better — without the slapstick element — to make your workplace a happier place. 

Health and wellbeing is at the heart of our business and we believe that workplace caterers have an important role in helping and encouraging people to eat a healthy, balanced diet — so that’s what we do. There’s always YouTube for funny animals and people walking into lampposts.

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