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Becoming a best-seller

Eurest | Understanding you |  05 September 2017


High-street booksellers have long struggled to compete with the convenience and price of online stores. But Amazon has opened its first actual bookshop — because it knows how important it is to give its customers what they want.

An Amazon new way to buy books

There’s something about browsing a bookshop that you can’t get online. Being able to flick through the pages or smell the print — it all reminds you that you’re buying more than simply a collection of words.

Even just the opportunity to find something new or take a chance on an impulse (who hasn’t bought a book because the cover looked amazing?) is part of the fun of popping into your local bookshop.

The flipside is that buying books online is often far more convenient — and sometimes much cheaper. However, according to Amazon, it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why (in a surprising move for the world’s best-known online retailer) it opened a bricks-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle.

Why the customer is always right

Amazon Books looks the same as many other bookshops, but aims to combine the best of high-street and online shopping. The titles in stock come from the popularity ratings of the company’s website, while placards featuring customer reviews sit in front of the books themselves.

The key difference is that the books cost the same price in-store as online — giving browsers no reason not to pop in for a look around.

Many people thought that Amazon itself had all but killed off the need for bookshops, but in the US, the number of independent bookshops has risen by almost a fifth. Amazon Books shows how the company understands what its customers want. And it has done everything it can to deliver that. We’ll wait to see if one opens near us…

Dining just the way you like

When it comes to working with our customers, we take the same approach as Amazon. A fundamental part of our relationship with them is understanding what they want from us. That’s why we always listen to feedback, and act on it as quickly as possible to deliver the best service we can.
When you sit down to enjoy a meal in one of our restaurants, the only difficult bit should be deciding which delicious dish to pick. By understanding you, we can make sure your people have a great dining experience every time they eat with us.

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