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Becoming a doggone local

Eurest | Local presence |  06 April 2017

A puppy asleep in the arms.

When you think of stag dos, puppies probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. After reading this, however, that might change.

Puppy power

Recently, a stag do in Tennessee took a turn for the unexpected.

The groom, Mitchel Craddock, took his group of family and friends to a cabin in the woods to have a party. But just as the party got started, the men noticed a stray, malnourished dog outside the front door — so they did what any decent people would do, and fed it.

They quickly became friends with the dog and gained its trust, but the dog’s condition didn’t seem to improve. And that’s when the dog led them back to a hole, out in the wilderness. It was in that hole that the would-be partygoers found their biggest surprise — a batch of seven healthy puppies.

It turned out that the dog was taking every scrap of food the stag party gave her, and giving it to her puppies. 

From partying to pet ownership

What had started out as an indulgent weekend of foodie treats and drinking, adapted to the new circumstances, and became an exercise in nurturing the stray dog family.

With a new 'pup'ose, the food and beer 'celebration' fund became a puppy food fund.

And in the end, all eight dogs were adopted by the groom, the groomsmen, or their relatives. What’s more, all the dogs' new homes are within a five-mile radius of each other, meaning they can meet up for walks.

Our take on the story

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