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As sound as a pound

Eurest | Great price |  22 May 2014


Being able to tell whether something is genuine is a pretty useful skill, particularly when it comes to things we value — relationships, possessions, services we buy. It’s all about knowing where you stand. 

So it rocks the world a little to find out there’s a high probability that the pound in your pocket is a fake. In fact, it’s estimated that one in 36 £1 coins in circulation are counterfeit right now, meaning there are 45 million fakes out there. 

Here’s all you need to know about spotting the genuine article:

1. Look for definition.

You want all aspects to be sharply defined, with crystal-clear images and distinct text. All detail should be clear and there should be depth to the overall design. 

2. Check everything lines up.

Incorrect alignment is a sure sign that you’re dealing with a fake. Look at the side nearest to you and then pivot your view so that you can see what’s on the reverse. If anything’s wonky, you’ve got a dud. 

3. Make sure front and back match.

The front can look great — but what’s going on at the back? Everything can seem shiny and new at the front, and yet the back can be outdated, causing a mismatch that makes the whole thing worthless. Look at dates and designs to make sure you have two halves that go together to make a true whole. 

4. Examine the colour.

You’re looking for an overall colour that fits your expectations. If it’s too brassy, it’s a sign something’s wrong. If it’s too dull, it could mean it’s made of substandard stuff. If it’s partly discoloured, patchy or rubbed round the edges, you’re probably looking at a thin, appearance-pleasing veneer over a dodgy base. 

Yes, all of the above applies to spotting fake £1 coins. 

It also applies to how you can tell a great business relationship from one that just won’t cut the mustard. 

At Eurest we believe in offering the real deal, the genuine article and we’re upfront about our commitment to you. We welcome questions about our back-end processes and how they support our excellent front-of-house operations. 

We’re as sound as a (genuine) pound. 


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