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Blackcurrants — the forbidden fruit?

Eurest | Great food |  28 March 2017


Despite being a remarkably healthy berry, some states in the USA still ban the blackcurrant. It’s not that they don’t like this flavoursome fruit, but because they think blackcurrant bushes are responsible for spreading disease to white pine trees — putting their timber industry in danger.

We think our American friends are missing out.

Blackcurrants are not only bursting with flavour, they pack a serious punch when it comes to nutrition too. That’s why they’ve made it onto our berry-licious blog — a series about the best of Britain’s summer berries.

The height of nutrition

Here’s a taste of what blackcurrants can bring to the table:

• They’re one of the best sources of antioxidants around (with twice as many as blueberries) and they contain three times as much vitamin C as oranges.
• Their antioxidants can improve the health of your eyes, and could prevent cataracts.
• They’re full of naturally occurring phytochemicals — scientists are looking into how these could help to stave off heart disease, cancer and even neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Pleasure on the palate

But you don’t want to eat things just because they’re good for you; you want to eat them because they’re tasty too. Luckily blackcurrants are just as delicious as they are nutritious.

Here are some recipes to help you get to grips with this amazing fruit:

• Just a look at the rich, deep colour of this blackcurrant and mint sorbet is enough to make your mouth water.
• Blackcurrant smoothies are a great way to perk yourself up on a hot summer day.
• Make some apple and blackcurrant jam to preserve the goodness of your berry harvest.

A balanced diet is all about making sure you get the right nutrients in the food you enjoy. That’s why we use the best ingredients to create delicious meals that let your people eat what they enjoy and stay healthy at the same time.

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