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Brides say, 'Pie do'

Eurest | Understanding you |  20 August 2013

heart shaped egg

Ah, the wedding cake. First it was profiteroles, next it was a tier of cheeses, and then in the noughties, baking fever brought a plethora of cupcakes to the top table. It’s safe to say that this fad has had its day, especially amongst the hipsters out there.

Next to welcome the happy couple into domestic bliss is the pork pie tier — three levels of pure porcine... well the filling anyway. The pie option allows you to bring a little variety to your guests. You could mix it up a little: add a steak bake, some chicken and ham, or a veggie option to keep everyone happy.

It might call for some creative input though — how would you add that romantic touch? Some decorative hand-crimping? A few hearts and flowers? Or a nice glaze to add the icing to the alternative cake?

But back to the subject at hand: food trends.

With the rise of the celebrity chef, and beautiful books and magazines to stimulate your saliva, the UK’s pride and interest in food has grown significantly. We’re seeing more and more people taking photos of their food, and sharing these images with total strangers.

It’s been said that in London you’re never more than 1ft away from a foodie. We joke of course, but keeping an eye on food trends is a big deal to us.

We like to know what’s tantalising the nation’s taste buds, so that our menu reflects what you’re enjoying right now. Of course, we never dismiss traditional favourites, wedding or not. After all, there’s always a time for a decent pork pie.

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