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Bubbles up your nose, value in your pocket

Eurest | Great price |  16 August 2016

cup of soup

It’s a generally accepted assumption that the higher the price the better the quality; we use it all the time without thinking. That packet of biscuits costs more so they must be extra delicious. The fruit in that punnet is twice the price and that’ll be reflected in the taste experience. But is that always true?

Take champagne for example (don’t mind if I do); the higher the price of the bottle, the greater the quality inside — right?

Well no, not according to an experiment featuring a range of palettes.

Scientists collated the results of a blind champagne taste test taken by experts, enthusiasts and novices. The champagnes spanned a £18-£400 price range, from a variety of producers. Each taster drank from a black glass, so as to give no hint as to which bubbly they were supping. 

Surprisingly, the champagne experts and intermediates judged a lower-priced £40 bottle to be the highest in quality, with the novice drinkers plumping for a mid-range £75 bottle (Gill, 2013). For each set of drinkers, it seemed that the quality of the product was in no way correlated to its price. 

At Eurest we’re familiar with this concept. In everything we do we seek to balance quality, service and price to create a high-quality experience for you that doesn’t break the bank. We know that the most expensive is not necessarily the best and, as a result, we surprise our clients with how much we can achieve on a budget. Our professional people and incredible food can be tailored to suit you and your priorities. 

So whether your people are connoisseurs or novices, we’ll deliver fantastic flavours at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Gill, V. (2013) ‘Experts 'prefer cheaper champagne'’, BBC News, 29 November 2013 [online] (Accessed 2 December 2013).

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