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Colour us healthy

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  12 April 2016


A new medical dressing can tell doctors if antibiotics are needed by changing colour — and that can teach us an important lesson in business.

A eureka moment in Bath

Researchers at Bath University have developed a ground-breaking new technology that can help to catch nasty infections quicker and reduce the prescription of unnecessary antibiotics. 

The innovative medical dressing uses tiny capsules which release a fluorescent dye when toxins from bacteria are detected. This seemingly simple idea allows doctors to diagnose an infection and treat them more quickly — saving lives. 

World-changing possibilities

But that’s not the only benefit. The dressing will also mean that antibiotics aren’t given to those who don’t need them. This is hugely important as the over-prescription of antibiotics is one of the key reasons that bacteria are becoming resistant to drugs. These dressings therefore help us ensure the effectiveness of our most important medicines.

Better information — better choices

It’s a great example of how better information guides smart, healthy choices. For us, it’s second nature to keep up with developments in health and wellbeing. We do it so that you can have peace of mind — knowing that everything is taken care of. It’s part of our job as your foodservice provider. 

We provide you with a clean, safe and healthy environment for your people to eat in, and we don’t have to colour-code your building to do it. 

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