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Cooking up a storm at the World Culinary Olympics

Eurest | Great people |  01 November 2012


Admit it — we all got a taste for success during the summer of 2012.
Flags and bunting fluttering in the sunshine. The jubilee celebrations lighting a flame of national pride, fanned to a blaze by the sizzling reception London 2012 received from the world. Games Makers setting new standards in Olympic hospitality and, of course, the slew of medals we won.
For the competitors it was the culmination of years of painstaking planning, training, commitment and sheer hard work, and the rest of us watched and admired and wished that we could have been there taking part.

The equivalent event for professional chefs is the World Culinary Olympics, held last month in Germany. Over 5,000 professional chefs from 45 countries took part and, like the competitors at London 2012, this was a career-defining moment, the ultimate test of their abilities, the chance to prove themselves on the world stage.

Gemma Evans isn’t as well-known as Jessica Ennis but, like Jessica, she’s a world champion in her discipline; a gold medal winner. Similarly Richard Bowden, Bob Brown and Ben Ford aren’t names that fill the back pages, but their years of painstaking planning, training, commitment and sheer hard work led to them being medallists in Germany.

The other thing these Olympians have in common is they’re all employed by Eurest.

As part of the wider Compass family we believe in encouraging all of our people to maximise their potential, and for some that means competing at an international level at events such as the World Culinary Olympics. Challenge them. Stretch them. Encourage them to be the best. That’s possibly why we were the only contract caterer from the UK to take part in Germany, and we came back with a total of nine medals.

There are no plans for an open topped bus tour, but that’s not to say we’re not incredibly proud of our Olympian chefs. Their success in Germany shows that our chefs are right up there with the best professional chefs in the world; which is handy, because that’s where all of us at Eurest want to be.

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