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County cakes, district desserts and provincial pies.

Eurest | Local presence |  26 September 2017

Yorkshire Puddings

Britain is packed with regional specialities that delight dwellers and tempt tourists… and drive our menus.

From Northumberland’s stunning beaches, to the dramatic mountains of Cumbria and the picturesque coastlines of Cornwall, every British county has a unique beauty. And when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, the landscape is right up there on the list of what makes us go ahead and book a trip.

Spoilt for holiday choice

Choosing a destination that’s a feast for the eyes makes sense. But at least one in five of us pick our holiday spot according to whether that place will provide a feast for the taste buds, too, putting a flavour adventure above activities and scenery. And why not? Exploring the local cuisine is just as much a part of escaping the everyday as finding fresh places to investigate.

Luckily, wherever you choose in Britain, there’s probably a tasty local delicacy waiting for you. From Yorkshire's famous pudding to Bakewell's sweet and delicious pastry tart, there are plenty of exciting specialities to try.

Regional food heroes

Some regional specialities are the stuff of legend: even though we can easily savour them as part of our everyday eating, they still generate a powerful emotional link to their ‘home’ counties.

We understand how local specialities are tied up in our relationships with places — certain dishes embody the characteristics and heritage of a region. Some flavours thrive mainly in one area (like oatcakes in Staffordshire); other local delicacies are enjoyed across the country, becoming part of the standard British menu.

Home, wherever you are

No matter what the tastes of your people, Eurest calls your county 'home'. And an important part of deciding the menu that’s right for your restaurant comes from listening to what foods put a smile on your people’s faces. We’re committed to making sure that, whatever your tastes, you’ll find a delicious lunch waiting for you in our restaurants.

If you’d like to find out more about where some of Britain’s favourite dishes come from, check out our infographic.


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