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Cracking the code

Eurest | Great people |  08 August 2017


Learning to code helps us adapt to the language of a digital future, preparing us for new careers that have yet to be invented…

The Hour of Code initiative is a global movement that has already reached tens of millions of students, and has no intention of stopping there. Its big idea is to offer one-hour tutorials in code to anyone, of any age, around the world. And its aim is to demystify computer science — opening eyes to all the possibilities that skills in code unlock.

Opening up understanding to everyone
The Hour of Code programme runs right now in more than 180 countries and has already delivered over 200 million hours of coding lessons. It’s easy for anyone with a relatively low level of computing knowledge to volunteer to run a coding hour.

There are online tutorials to help volunteers deliver the teaching — some where students guide themselves through a session, and others that pretty much give the ‘teacher’ everything they need to say and share in order to lead a session. And, although it’s easier to run an Hour of Code with internet-connected computers available for every student, it is possible for people to learn about code without using a computer at all.

Skills to thrive in an unknown future
There’s more to this programme than first meets the eye. Initially it’s about helping people to understand and begin to ‘speak’ the new language of code. But, if you look further into the aims of the project, it wants to encourage people to be adaptable so that they can fit into any circumstances — and thrive.

Learning computer science helps to nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity — all useful tools when you’re in an unfamiliar environment and need to find a way to settle in and make the most of it. The intention is that Hour of Code students will be ready for the next phase of digital technology — whatever form it takes.

Seeking out adaptable people to fit into your place
Adaptability is a characteristic we value highly in our people; we want individuals who have the flexibility to join your environment, and thrive within it. Our recruitment approach is to look for people who have the adaptability to become multi-skilled and indispensable to your organisation. We want them to be able to immerse themselves in your environment, speaking your cultural language and, effectively, becoming one of your own. Right from the start of our relationship, we’ll work with you to create shared values, promises and guiding principles that everyone we choose to work with you understands and sticks to.

Whatever your 'language', we'll crack your code to meet your expectations.

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