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Credit where credit is due…

Eurest | Great people |  25 November 2014


Another year, another treasure-trove of awards and recognition up for grabs in the Compass Chef of the Year competition. Currently in its 14th year, it’s an annual showcase of the skill, passion and expertise that our chefs have in abundance.

We’re very happy to see our very own Jon Clarke win bronze in the senior competition, and Claire Rickard achieve silver in the junior competition. It’s no mean feat, and we’re beaming with pride for them.

Events like this prove that real passion for great food, service and innovation is alive and kicking in Eurest, as well as further afield. The chefs in this year’s competition pushed themselves to achieve the highest standards in the production and presentation of food as well as pushing the profile of great food out to a wider audience.

A great chef understands that he or she is part of a larger food preparation team — committed to working well with colleagues throughout Eurest to keep the whole organisation flowing smoothly. Our own chefs always approach their work in this way, and it shows.

Jon and Claire did fantastically well, and they represent the pride all of our chefs have for what they do: they’re all creative and willing to try something new, with a passion for creating tasty offerings using high-quality produce and keeping a close eye on detail to present meals in an attractive way.

We offer our people comprehensive development and training, making sure we (and they) make the most of their great talent and dedication. That means they stay passionate about what they do and provide a service that turns every meal into a great occasion, while helping your day flow as smoothly as possible.

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