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Dancing to your own tune

Eurest | Local presence |  02 May 2017


Here in the UK we’re always so pleased to see the first tiny signs of summer that we’ve created a whole host of rituals to welcome it in. Maypole dancing may not be part of summer in the school playground anymore but it remains a traditional way of celebrating May Day in the UK.

Traditionally, the dance took place around a pole adorned with garlands of flowers and leaves. This developed into the ribboned maypole dancing we’re more familiar with today. The colourful strips of cloth are attached to the top of the maypole before being twisted around it by the prancing dancers, weaving a complex pattern of colours. The dance finishes when the dancers reverse their direction, leaving the ribbons untangled.

Locality plays a big part in the whole process, with both poles and dances varying from place to place. In some areas the maypole dance is part of the crowning of the May Queen and King, in others it’s part of a celebration of midsummer. Over the years, the traditions have grown, developed and become ingrained in the seasonal calendar. The uniqueness of each local dance is a part of what makes it so special, cherished by the people who take part and the country as a whole.

In the same way, we adapt our offering to how you celebrate the seasons. Our chefs are always on the lookout for inspiration from seasonal foods, and create dishes for you and your people that we know you’ll love.

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