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Directing the future

Eurest | Great service |  19 May 2015

Staff and management looking at the food created

Every time you set foot in a Eurest restaurant in the South East, one man is responsible for the team that ensure the warm welcome and the tasty treats served up — Richard Taylor. We went behind the scenes to meet the Regional Managing Director for the South East to find out more.

Richard Taylor spends the majority of his working life on the move, travelling round his area visiting Eurest restaurants and generally keeping his finger on the pulse. He takes the business he has under his control very seriously and believes there’s no substitute for being there in person.

“I like to be present at the key points in a site’s relationship, be that winning the business in the first place, pitching for a contract extension, or just checking in to make sure that everything’s running smoothly on a day-to-day basis”, says Richard.

It’s this closeness to the heartbeat of the business that gives Richard the right skill set to develop the business and food strategies that work so well in the South East. “My mission is to deliver excellence for my region”, he says. “And I do that by staying close to what people want — that’s the key — being alert for the things that really matter to a client and then delivering them.”

Richard’s long career at Compass Group (twelve years and counting) wasn’t something he planned but having had a taste of the variety it could offer, he was hooked. “I love what Compass Group do, and what I do, and the service that the great people who make it up provide. What drives me is an awareness of the influence we have on people’s health and wellbeing — you can never do enough”, he comments.

Richard will be contributing some articles from the front line of customer service, writing for the Eurest blog on a regular basis, covering health and wellbeing. “I think, as a large company, we have a responsibility to help with the overall health and wellbeing of society. It’s a fascinating subject and there’s plenty to say”, he explains.

Look out for Richard’s articles, coming soon to the Eurest blog.

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