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Don't forget your passport

Eurest | Great food |  11 September 2014


My Grandad – or Ernie to you – would never ever forget his. It would be neatly tucked inside his recently purchased document holder, stored within his pristine travel bag.

This bag would have been checked roughly 14,000 times, just to be sure he had packed it. It wouldn’t be his age or mind that had caused this over-cautious behaviour; it would be down to the fact that travelling to a foreign destination is a big deal to him. 

Aside from travelling the world for far less relaxing reasons during WW2, Ernie has been abroad twice — once to Portugal and once to Italy. He loved it, and the stories he tells get their yearly outing without fail. But we never interrupt and tell him that we’ve heard this before, or roll our eyes, because reliving that experience brings him so much pleasure — plus, his smile lights up the room. 

To Ernie the world is a huge place, filled with destinations you only get to see via the TV. To our generation it’s relatively small. What was once something only the very wealthy could enjoy has become ever more affordable — thanks to the internet, we can all search for the right method of transport and accommodation to suit our budget.

We believe that, just like travel, nutritious, healthy food at work doesn’t have to be one of life’s luxuries, something that you could only wish and hope for. We believe you should be able to eat well, whatever your resources.

We’ve made it a priority to ensure that our workplace restaurants provide great tasting food that every member of staff can enjoy. Being part of Compass Group UK & Ireland makes this possible: we’re extremely lucky to get the best ingredients at the best prices.

So whatever your budget, be it the ‘five-star trip-of-a-lifetime’ or the ‘UK staycation’, we’re able to provide you with an offering that delivers the best service, and the best quality, all at a price that creates those dazzling holiday smiles.

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