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Enjoying a feast of food festivals

Eurest | Geographical spread |  21 April 2015


Up and down the country each year there’s a huge range of exciting festivals that spring up to celebrate something we can all get behind — great food.

Wandering the lines of stalls, you can savour the smells of so many different dishes drawing you in for a taste. Food festivals are a great way to spend a day (or more) out, giving your taste buds a real treat.

Take your pick of the bunch
Even before you get to the food, you’ve got plenty of choice — Britain has a diverse collection of festivals to pick from. There are events that display delicacies from around the world, while others embrace lines of stalls filled with local produce like artisan cheeses, specialist breads, cakes and chutneys. There’s even a garlic-themed festival held on the Isle of Wight each year.

They really are a treat for anyone who loves their food — here are three of our favourites:

Shugborough Estate Food Festival
Held in the grounds of the impressive Shugborough Hall, this popular festival doesn’t just enjoy a stunning backdrop — it also boasts a variety of stalls, demonstrations from the pros and a hotly contested ‘Cake-Off’ competition.

Ludlow Food Festival
Launched 20 years ago to show off the best of British cuisine, this event is the ideal chance to enjoy a collection of culinary treats from freshly baked bread to the finest preserves. You can also enjoy a drink with cider pressing demonstrations or join the festival’s famous ‘Sausage Trail’.

BBC Good Food Festival
A bit larger than your traditional local festival, this event is packed with delicious food and exciting new ideas — not to mention the chance to get some expert advice from TV chefs like Mary Berry and James Martin.

Food for thought
One of the best things about these festivals is that they all have one thing in common: whichever cuisine is on show, you always have the chance to try something new and exciting.

That’s why we like to pay a visit to the odd food festival or two over the summer months. It’s important to reach out and unearth new ideas because it allows us to expand our food knowledge and discover diverse flavours. This gives us the perfect platform to create varied dishes for your people, offering them a great choice of tasty, nutritious meals every time they visit our restaurants.

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