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Feel the fear and eat it anyway

Eurest | General |  18 October 2013

Feel the fear and eat it anyway

Whether a fussy eater or serious gourmand, we all have foods that we don’t particularly like. Be it brussels sprouts, oysters or haggis, there’s a certain something about our food aversions.

There are many reasons why we may not like a particular type of food. Scientists suggest that our memory can be largely to blame, especially if we’ve experienced an unfortunate incident with this type of food. 

There are others who suggest our genetic make-up has an effect on our taste levels. As DNA determines how many taste buds we have on our tongues, there’s valid reason to assume some of us may be ‘supertasters’ — experiencing foods at a much greater intensity than others and that this will influence how something tastes for us (Warwicker, 2013).

This rationale may come as a relief to those labelled as a ‘fussy eater’ but, unfortunately, as there is no solid proof to correlate supertasters with picky eaters it’s not the whole answer.

Age also has its part to play in our aversion to the more acquired tastes of cabbage and broccoli. As we get older, our sensitivity to smells decreases, and since smell is a main contributor to how we taste foods, it makes sense that as we age we become less fussy about what’s on our plates (Rockwood, 2012).

Whatever the reasons for our food fears, ranging from the bizarre to the ridiculous, you can rest assured that Eurest offers a variety of meals you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

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