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Finding the right fuel for your day

Eurest | Great food |  31 August 2017

A plate of salad.

Fuelling up

As anyone who’s ever put diesel in a petrol car knows, you don’t travel far on the wrong fuel… It’s the same for people, too.

The reason that what we eat impacts our mental agility and performance so much is because of the way our brains work, and the way our bodies break down food.

The human brain drives purely on glucose, so when we’re running low on this it’s hard to stay alert and energised. That’s why it’s so difficult to concentrate when a meeting runs past lunchtime, with no snacks in sight.

What’s more, choosing the wrong snacks and meals can perversely make us even more hungry! That’s because foods like white bread, fizzy drinks and sweets are so quickly utilised by the body — quickly releasing their glucose into the bloodstream and then causing an inevitable slump. Even foods with slower-release energy can hinder performance, too — diverting energy to the digestive system and causing that sleepy feeling after a Friday pub lunch…

It’s this minefield of foods that makes it so important to choose healthy options throughout the day in order to stay productive.

Finding healthy food, fast

Most of us don’t have time to prepare perfectly-balanced lunches and breakfasts to take to work though. And that’s why 89 per cent of workers say that refreshment facilities are important to them, with 80 per cent also rating a restaurant as important.

A workplace restaurant that offers a range of healthy, tasty and well-balanced snack and meal options is the best way to help your team be as productive as they can be. It not only means that everyone will avoid the dreaded 3pm slump, but also that everyone has high levels of alertness and mental agility from the start, right through to the end, of the workday.

Shoring up with salads

Our salad and deli options, including healthy breakfast options, are a great way to shore up those energy reserves and keep your people working at their best.

Our Deli Bar offers a wide range of seasonal salads, including our ‘build your own salad’ option, and this means that there’s always something quick and healthy for workers to grab, no matter how busy their day.

What’s more, with plenty of pulse and protein options, the range draws on a wealth of nutritional science to make sure that people stay fuller for longer. Something that’s proven to aid concentration and help everyone to better manage their workloads — leading to a happier team all-round.

Check out our website to find out more about what we can help you to offer your workforce. 

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