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Follow-my-leader or leader of followers?

Eurest | Great food |  28 November 2012


Trendsetter — trending — trendy. It’s a cycle but, like the old chicken-and-egg situation, it has to start somewhere. Someone has to lead the way.

As globalisation makes the world smaller and we’re more and more exposed to other cultures and cuisines there’s a flourishing industry in tracking emerging trends and predicting which ones will transfer successfully to the UK. Food-wise, it keeps things fresh and exciting, delicious and satisfying. Visit any of our workplace restaurants and you’ll see many of the food trends making a splash on the high street infusing our food choices with the latest fizz and sparkle.

Following’s great. Leading is better.

Take the story of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, the brain-child of Dorset-native Jim Cregan. Inspired by travels in Tasmania, Jim created his own take on iced coffee and sold his first multi-serving carton on the high street in April 2011 (Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, n.d.).

Then, one of our on-the-ball site managers came across Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, saw the potential for iced coffee to add more to our workplace restaurant offering, and put him in touch with our central marketing people. The team saw the amazing potential for this product but at that point Jim’s plans didn’t include a single-serving pack size ideal for the workplace market.

Via Compass Group’s The Idea Works programme, Jimmy’s got the right support and advice to get a 330ml product established in the food service industry (Manzoori-Stamford, 2012) and his handy cartons are quenching thirst across our restaurants.
Iced coffee today. Who knows what tomorrow? We don’t know, but we’re on the lookout for potential...

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