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Food is the new rock ‘n’ roll, baby

Eurest | Great food |  09 July 2015


Music has always helped you express who you are and what social tribe you belong to. It can indicate your deepest beliefs; it can be your voice to the world. Today, food is going that way too. Your food choices play an important part in the making up who you are and what you’re all about.

There’s been a shift in how we think about food. These days, cooking is a big part of pop culture and more similarities with the music industry seem to be emerging. 

Just like the latest songs, recipes have their own charts and word of mouth plays a big part in getting ‘air time’. Chefs are the new rock stars and television schedules are brimming with baking programmes and cooking competitions — there’s no denying the generational shift in culinary awareness.

It’s clear that people will always want to hear authentic music. Nobody likes it when you think people have cut corners, and music is no exception; the sound of an auto tuned voice is enough to put anybody off an artist or band. Foodies want the same — cookery programmes show people how to make traditional street food, banquets and snacks from across the globe. People want to taste real food with authenticity; they want to know where it’s come from where it was made and who it was made by.

What’s more, food events such as Grillstock in Bristol, Soho’s Ribstock, the Chilli Standoff in Hackney, the Big Feastival and Daniel Young’s London Burger Bash, are increasing in popularity every year — just like music festivals. These shindigs share the same culture, they’re both about people coming together to enjoy an experience — whether it’s the taste of delicious food or the rhythm of music.

At Eurest, we’re always innovating and trying new things; our street food menu and pop-up menus keep you up-to-date with emerging tastes and trends. We’re all about fantastic flavour and authentic cooking and with 70 years of culinary expertise we’ve got something for you to savour and enjoy. We’re just like music lovers; we want our food to be authentic too.

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