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Food personalities

Eurest | Understanding you |  17 February 2016


You get into work and look across your desk to see a fellow colleague snacking on a breakfast biscuit with a cup of tea — what do you think? Late riser; busy worker?

Research undertaken by a US neurologist suggests that our favoured foods can actually reveal something about our inner characters and that this can even be a strong enough indicator to attract (or detract) a potential partner (Fleming, 2013). It’s a strange proposal — do we really judge people on what they eat?

Even if the good doctor is wrong in his assumptions, there is definitely scope to suggest that we all have food ‘personalities’. These may be little more than a reflection of our lifestyles but they are likely indictors of how we treat and enjoy food.

One UK food coach suggests that we all have certain food ‘types’ which make us a particular food personality (Hazell, 2012). She suggests that some of us eat to achieve a particular goal — a healthier lifestyle for that future marathon, or a bikini body for next summer’s once-in-a-lifetime holiday, whereas others eat to meet a daily need, enjoying food that’s convenient.

Whether you’re a conscious, confused, functional or focused food personality — at Eurest we have solutions to suit your lifestyle. Choose from healthier options for those concerned about calories to grab and go options for those on the go. From satisfying snacks to sit-down meals we can provide for the range of people in your business.

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