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Food to change your mood

Eurest | Great food |  12 November 2015

Food to change your mood

We all have those days. The ones where work’s been crazily busy, the traffic queues have left you beating your head against the steering wheel, and then the penny drops: you remember that you’ve arranged to go out for a meal with friends. 

You eventually get home, rummage through your wardrobe and spruce yourself up in five seconds flat. You leave the house feeling a bit ‘meh’; not ready to put on your public face and not really in the right mood to enjoy your meal.

It’s all physiological. 

When we’ve had a demanding day it can have a surprisingly strange effect on our stomachs. It’s not just our mood that affects our mealtimes — there’s a science behind how we experience food. Colour, aroma and presentation all play a significant role, while our emotions and surroundings can also affect our enjoyment.

Some rather bizarre studies have shown that factors such as loud music can minimise the flavour of foods, whilst foods that have a strong colour we associate with having a more distinctive flavour. It’s even been found that when we’re a feeling a little stressed our sense of sweetness can reduce by 30% (Bar Barossa, 2013).

Although we may not be able to change your day, what we can control — the quality and presentation of your meal and the service you receive — we do as best as we can in hope that our food will lift your mood. 

Bar Barossa (2013) ‘The Science Behind How We Enjoy Food’, Bar Barossa, 4 February [online] (Accessed 8 October 2013)


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