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Foraging – fad or food for the future?

Eurest | General |  03 October 2013

Food foraging

The foodie world is rife with recipes that incorporate your latest foraged goodies. Edible flowers, wild mushrooms, berries, nuts and unusual seaweeds seem to be the flavor du jour — chefs across the country are now using foraged ingredients such as samphire and chanterelle mushrooms in exclusive à la carte menus.

Its popularity has even led to ‘Forage and dine’ themed breaks where you’ll learn about the local flora and fauna, catch yourself some tasty seafood, or make your own cheese. 

And, what’s fantastic about foraging is that anyone can participate. Take a stroll to your nearest woodland or field and you can expect to find edible primrose flowers and the garlic mustard plant amongst the more well-known blackberry and stinging nettle. 

Foraging can be a risky business and it’s important to always follow the guidance of an expert forager. Never pick, eat or cook anything that you have foraged that you do not know the identity of and which has not been confirmed as being safe for humans to eat. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and you’ll be halfway to a tasty foraged meal.

Here at Eurest we can’t claim to be expert foragers, but we certainly agree with knowing where your food comes from and making the most of the great local produce that’s available.

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