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Get the drinks in this summer!

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  21 July 2017

A bottle of water being poured into a glass.

Feeling tired or grouchy? Struggling to concentrate or remember stuff? Making mistakes? Just not feeling at your sharpest?

Well, it might surprise you to find that these are all symptoms of dehydration, which can actually reduce your work capacity by 30 per cent. In a study, participants who drank about three cups of water before taking a test that measured the brain’s reaction time performed 14 times better than those who didn’t.

Just one to two per cent dehydration impairs memory, accuracy, alertness and reaction times — which in the workplace, or on the road, could have pretty serious consequences. Since it’s estimated that around 75 per cent of adults are chronically dehydrated, that’s even scarier.

Because the symptoms are usually put down to other causes, you often don’t know you have a hydration problem. But, if you’re not drinking eight to ten glasses of fluid per day, then chances are you’re not replacing what you’re losing, and might be literally shrinking your brain.

During the summer months, dehydration is a particular problem — especially in air-conditioned workplaces, or for people carrying out manual tasks.

That’s why it’s important for employers to make sure water coolers and beverage machines are replenished, and encourage employees to hydrate during the day.

We do our bit too

Up to 80 per cent of our hydration comes from beverages, but often only 50 per cent of food purchases include a beverage. So, during the summer, we prompt customers to consider a hydration option, like a bottle of water, which can replenish that precious lost moisture.

And since people drink up to 50 per cent more with multiple beverage options, we’re offering a range of delicious cold drinks this season, alongside our bottled water and soft drinks. So there are lots of ways to get the hydration you need.

What’s more, most of our bottled water funds vital water projects overseas, so getting refreshed can make a positive difference in more ways than one.

So, whatever hydration option takes your fancy, make sure stay topped up this summer.

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