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Get yourself into a pickle this autumn

Eurest | Great food |  15 October 2015


Autumn is in full swing, which means a riot of golden colours have begun erupting from the trees and foliage around us. And that’s not all — there’s also a bounty of fresh fruits ripe and ready for us to pick. They won’t last forever though, and that’s why we rely on different ways to make food last for longer — allowing us to enjoy a fruitful winter.

The health preservation society
So how do we make sure these tasty treats don’t go off before we’ve had a chance to enjoy them? The answer lies in the preserve. Jams, pickles, and chutneys give you some great ways to extend the life of your fruit right through the winter.

Here are our favourite recipes to keep your harvest going until Christmas (and even beyond):

Gooseberry jam
A quick and easy way to get the most from your gooseberries. Top and tail your berries, then pop them in a pan with water and lemon juice. Boil this mix for about 15 minutes until the fruit goes soft and pulpy.

Then stir in sugar until it dissolves completely, before boiling the jam for another ten minutes — when it should turn quite pink in colour.

Green tomato chutney
This takes a little more time, but it’s worth the effort. Slice your tomatoes and place them with some finely chopped onions and salt to leave overnight.

When you come back to it the next day, it’s time to boil some sultanas, apples, sugar and vinegar in a large pan. Once the sugar dissolves, add the tomatoes and onions before simmering for about an hour.

Pickled pears
Spice up your fresh fruit with this tasty way to make it last longer. Start by stirring some lemon zest over a gentle heat with cloves, peppercorns, root ginger, vinegar, cinnamon and sugar.

Once the sugar dissolves, halve your pears and add them to the mix — simmering for about 15 mins. When the pears become tender, remove and drain them before packing them into warm jars for later.

Waste not, want lots
As well as giving you delicious new ways to enjoy fruit, preserves help you to reduce food waste. That’s why we’re a big fan of jams and pickles at Eurest.

We work hard to make sure we waste as little food as possible — and keeping fruit throughout the winter is one of our favourite ways to do it. It’s all part of bringing you a range of food choices in a sustainable way.

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