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Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  24 September 2015


Spread thinly between our myriad responsibilities, days and sometimes weeks can seem to blur into one another. It’s understandable, really — the schedule can become repetitive, sometimes without the time to reflect on the day’s events or how we feel. A great idea can come out of nowhere but three weeks go by and we still haven’t had a chance to act on it.

It’s easy to get carried away on the tide of things to do and people to see but it’s important to know your body. If you start even the busiest of days with a good understanding of what makes you tick, you’ll notice when something is different: a little ‘off’.

It’s common to feel a bit under the weather or run-down from time to time, especially when you’re keeping busy — you’re only human, after all. But it’s always best to be safe and not sorry when it comes to something as important as health.

Even potentially serious conditions and illnesses, such as cancer, are treatable if caught at an early stage in development — and cancer screening tests can help to detect the disease before symptoms have even had a chance to develop.

In the UK, bowel, cervical and breast cancer screening programmes save thousands of lives every year, but treatments depend on catching the disease at the earliest possible opportunity. More people are beating cancer than ever before and it’s important to listen closely to the signals your body gives you. Why not visit the Cancer Research UK site for tips on how to recognise the signs of cancer as early as possible, as well as the information you need to avoid any false alarms?

Along with keeping a close eye on your body, providing yourself with a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining your wellbeing and reducing the risk of illness. Did you know that more than four in ten cancers could be prevented by healthier lifestyles, while around 49,100 cases can be prevented by a combination of eating more healthily, being active and having a healthy weight? This is why the Know Your Food scheme is an essential step towards helping people lead healthier, happier lives.

People who lead a healthy lifestyle can gain an average of 14 years of life so that’s why, at Eurest, we’ve implemented Know Your Food to ensure you can always look after your wellbeing. We know that it’s important to care for yourself, and that the best place to start is the food you eat. For more info, visit our Know your Food website to see our commitment in action.

Cancer Research UK. (2014). Can cancer be prevented?. Available: Last accessed 17 November 2014.

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