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Give your people a sporting chance

Eurest | Understanding you |  18 January 2016


Are you ready for the dark, cold nights spent out on a muddy field or an all-weather pitch? Yes, winter is well underway — and that means you’re no doubt feeling the aches and pains as you head back to a new season of the sporting activity you took a break from over the summer.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips for how to get the fuel you need to reach match fitness and get the most from your game…

Eating for energy during exercise

Food and sporting success share a link, and it’s important to eat right on match day. Now, you might not be quite at this level, but Olympic athletes consume around 6,000 calories every day. And they’re certainly not dipping into the biscuit jar to find them.

Of course, they eat such huge amounts to give them the energy they need to be the best at their sport. You probably won’t ever need to (and really shouldn’t) consume so much — after all, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women. But you can still use your diet to give you the edge over your opposition.

Here are five foods that will give you that extra power and pace on the pitch:

1. Broccoli

A superb all-round food for giving your muscles that extra push. The potassium in broccoli gives you a good hit of short-term energy, while the protein helps them to recover quickly afterwards.

2. Eggs

The high-quality protein in a boiled egg won’t break down in time to give you energy for the big match, but it works wonders when the game is over — regenerating your muscles so they’re even stronger next time around.

3. Wholegrain bread

A really good source of carbs that give you that extra energy during your game. It also goes well with other food fuels like jam or honey.

4. Bananas

There’s a reason you always see the bananas come out for a break in play. Packed with potassium, they give your muscles a boost when they need it most.

5. Plain yoghurt with fruit

A potent mix, with the carbs in the fruit acting as your sporting fuel while the protein in the yoghurt helps your muscles to recover after you’re done exercising.

Winning on and off the pitch

We understand that looking after yourself (and your people) doesn’t stop when you leave the office each evening. That’s why we use fresh, seasonal produce to create tasty and nutritious meals that improve your productivity — whether sitting behind your desk or sprinting towards goal.

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