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Good relations make for great food

Eurest | Understanding you |  10 December 2015


There’s something inbuilt in human nature that makes myths and stories appeal to us.

On the one hand there are the old legends of the ancient world, and the rich fantasy-laced fairytales we all grew up with. And then there are the myths that go unchallenged in our day-to-day lives.

They include things like the chocolate box image of snow at Christmas — something that rarely ever happens — and every grandmother’s favourite insistence that eating the crusts will make your hair go curly.

Another notion is the idea that companies don’t have the same values as the man on the street. It can seem as though the ethics and personability of a business diminishes as its stature grows. But as a larger company that places great emphasis on the positive relationships we have, we like to think we’ve got to where we are precisely because of the bonds we’ve developed with the people we work with.

At Eurest we’re all foodies at heart, and it means we care deeply about every detail of where the food we serve comes from; from the quality of the ingredients we use and the suppliers we get them from to the way our chefs develop the delicious, nutritionally-balanced dishes we serve in all our restaurants.

Take the relationships we have with our suppliers. We always make the effort to get out there and meet the people we buy our ingredients from; whether they’re veg growers or livestock farmers.

We believe it’s really important that we have a genuine relationship with the people our business relies on, so we can be sure of getting the best ingredients for the food we make. And by building those partnerships, we can pass on the benefits of those relationships to you, so you can trace the meal on your plate right back to the field it came from, and the farmer who started it all.

At Eurest we believe in good old-fashioned relationships, and having full visibility of our food from field to fork. And we hope, like us, you value that too. After all, what is food about if it’s not about good relationships? From the home cooked meals of your childhood, to eating the crusts because your grandmother told you to, food is all about the positive bonds between us. And it’s that positivity that we try to impart with the food we serve and the service we give in our restaurants.


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