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Good things come to those… in a hurry

Eurest | Great service |  19 June 2014


If you’re planning on eating at Franklin Barbecue in Texas you’d better come prepared; it’s probably wise to not be too hungry either. Four hours, if you’re lucky, is the amount of time it can take to queue through its doors. Franklin may be named the best sandwich shop in the country by Bon Appétit magazine, but is it worth the wait? 

The food sells out before lunchtime and people are known to camp out overnight to make sure they get a taste of the notoriously good barbeque. People come prepared with parasols, cooled drinks and picnic chairs — and it’s no wonder — the queue can be seen stretched down the road at 9am and the restaurant doesn’t even open until 11am. 

Owner Aaron Franklin claims to have kicked off a new golden age of barbeque and his business certainly is booming. Customers patiently endure hours in the sun for a taste of the restaurant’s Montana beef, rubbed in salt and pepper and smoked for up to 18 hours. Another popular order is their famous Tipsy Texas sandwich, a leaning tower of chopped beef, sausage, coleslaw, onions and pickles. Perhaps you’d fancy trying the smoky, rich, sweet and melt-in-the-mouth brisket, or the moist, thick cut and delicious turkey? We’d be up for it.

Of course this is an example of some ultra-dedicated food fans, but when it comes to everyday eating, you don’t want to have to wait a long time — especially when you’re taking precious moments out of your working day to grab a bite and recharge.

At Eurest, we think that great food and brilliant service should always go hand in hand. The quicker you get your carefully-prepared meal, the longer it gives you to relax and unwind while you savour the flavours and experience. 

After all, why shouldn’t good things come to those in a hurry?

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