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Great food that meets health, ethical and religious needs

Eurest | Great food |  25 May 2017

A bowl of fruit, containing grapes and strawberries.

Our challenge for 2017 is to create tantalisingly-great food while also managing health, ethical and religious needs. Here’s our food philosophy.

Eurest’s 2017 foodie challenge

Today’s consumer is food smart, dietary savvy and increasingly concerned about what goes on their plate. As self-proclaimed foodies, we couldn’t be happier. We love it when our customers take an interest in the exciting menus we offer. And it really gets our creative juices flowing when meeting the health needs of our customers presents us with a challenge.

Ethics drive eating decisions

So what’s fuelling this increasing interest in free-from, healthy, great food?

In some cases, it’s a result of ethical choices to adopt a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian lifestyle. We’re finding that our customer base is showing an unprecedented concern for the origins of their food — and we’re more than ready to support them with that. After all, we can trace the provenance of our food right back to the farm it came from. And we delight in sharing the stories of family enterprise that emerge as you look into the origins of a particular piece of beef or a floret of broccoli.

Same great taste, just no allergens

For other customers, we know the impact of allergens on their diet is significant. In fact, the latest research from Mintel reveals that one in five people in the UK say that someone in their household chooses their ingredients carefully because of an allergy or intolerance — and a quarter say they do so for general health reasons. That same research indicates that, in the last six months alone, a third of Brits have bought or eaten free-from foods.

As the UK’s leading workplace catering provider, we understand how important it is that your people can enjoy a healthy and tasty meal in one of our restaurants, regardless of whether they have intolerances to allergens such as gluten and lactose. And we treat providing a mouth-watering choice for allergen sufferers as a challenge we must always rise to.
The right food builds a sense of family

Our philosophy is that food in the workplace is both an important productivity tool, and a way of showing your people that they are valued. If you take the time to offer great food that matches their ethical, moral, religious and physical needs — AND you go the extra mile by making it delicious — then your people see your commitment to their welfare, and respond accordingly by doing their very best for you. In fact, in most situations, tasty, low-cost and appropriate food does more to motivate your workforce than the jazziest of incentive schemes. And your restaurant is there day-in, day-out, whereas a short-lived promotion is soon just a memory.

Challenge accepted

The quest to meet our customers’ needs is in our DNA; it’s what we do. So, as food trends develop and priorities change, we monitor what our customer base is thinking. In fact, we go beyond what they’re thinking: we bring the great food tastes they’d like to enjoy to life within the confines of their dietary requirements. Responsible eating has never tasted so good.

Get hold of a copy of our new white paper — The free-from food revolution — today to uncover the food trends and dietary changes today’s consumers are experiencing. And find out why we believe it’s so important to put these shifts at the heart of the food we create. 

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