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Have a tasty autumn

Eurest | Great food |  29 November 2016


Autumn is a season of change. Blustery days on the beach give way to relaxing strolls through autumnal foliage. When it comes to gastronomy, you’re moving away from the light, fresh tastes of summer to the warming comfort foods that go hand-in-hand with the shorter, chillier days.

The ultimate comfort foods

We all have our trusted autumn favourites, offering flavours so beautifully familiar that it’s like a soothing bear-hug for your insides. Plus this time of year means we have a fresh range of seasonal foods to rediscover and enjoy. 

Now is the perfect time to share some of the recipes our chefs have created to make the most of autumn’s seasonal ingredients — ideal to keep you energised throughout the upcoming months. 

Start a new tradition

Sausage and mash is a traditional, warming meal that comes into its own in autumn. Our recipe pairs Cumberland curls with curly kale mash, giving the fantastic tastes you’d expect, but with a twist. And, by using seasonal kale, it’s an incredibly tasty way to pack vitamins and minerals into your diet. 

Flavours that sing

Autumn is definitely the right time to pop a casserole in the oven and fill your home with the most deliciously tantalising aromas. Our favourite casserole recipe takes tender pork and wraps it in a seasonal medley of carrot, leek, fennel and parsnip, topped by a shallot, apple and pear chutney. Hearty and wholesome. 

Tastes that pack a punch

Autumn flavours go beautifully with fish, too. Our pan-seared mackerel recipe sits on a zesty bed of fennel, orange and apple slices, mixed with fresh rocket and crushed mint. And, as an extra taste bud tickle, we serve it with a sweetly spicy beetroot and chilli relish. It’s an ideal autumn energiser.

Come on in

Our chefs are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight you, so come on in to one of our restaurants this autumn for a delicious taste of the season.

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