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Hope you have a head for heights…

Eurest | Great service |  12 January 2017

Three clouds in the sky

How would you feel eating at a restaurant where the only thing between you and a 150-foot-drop was the chair you were sitting on?

Dinner in the sky

Discover a restaurant that takes its setting very seriously. When you think of panoramic views, it’s unlikely you imagine something as extreme as ‘Dinner in the sky’.

This restaurant for adrenaline junkies offers an eating experience that’s out of this world. Almost. It’s not quite as high as space, but at 150 feet above the ground, it feels close enough.

The experience starts with diners being buckled into their seats around a circular table and then the restaurant is hoisted into the air by a crane. Apart from the fact you’re suspended so high above ground, to all other intents and purposes, it’s the same experience as a restaurant, with chefs and wait staff free to move and work in the centre of the platform. (Wearing safety harnesses, of course.)

We’re taking service to new heights, too

It’s a scary prospect for some, and a thrilling one for others. But one thing is clear: the people working this rig really do offer a service like no other.

Unless your workplace is also a crane, we’ll probably give the harnesses a miss. When it comes to taking service to new heights, though, we’re right there. Our service is based on knowing your businesses inside out — and meeting your exact needs.

So while we’re not 150 feet in the air, our service is constantly reaching for the sky, and striving to provide your workplace with a foodservice that’s exactly right.

Take a look at what we do to find out more about how we can provide for your people, whether they’re adrenaline junkies, or prefer their feet firmly on the ground.


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