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How cutting out waste gives us energy

Eurest | Being safe |  30 May 2017


Doing the recycling on a frosty morning might seem a hassle, but we understand that the only way to protect the environment is for people to do their bit.

There are better ways to use waste

Waste is just rubbish. So imagine if you could get to a point where the things we throw in the dustbin actually became useful (and didn’t end up at the tip). Well that’s exactly the plan for a new energy recovery facility that opened recently in Peterborough.

This new facility will turn non-recyclable waste into electricity, generating enough power for 11,000 homes. This seems like a much better use for people’s rubbish — especially as it will save the city around £1 million every year for the next three years.

We don’t know about you, but we’d love to make that kind of saving on our energy bill…

We have to take emission control

Other than saving money, the energy recovery facility has another — even more important — goal in mind. Turning waste into energy will play a large part in helping Peterborough become more sustainable.

To do this, the facility will reduce carbon emissions in the city by roughly 10,000 tonnes every year. And that represents a big saving — the equivalent of taking nearly 2,000 cars off the road.

It will also allow the city to divert up to 95 per cent of its non-recyclable waste from landfill sites, reducing the need to damage the local environment.

Putting paid to product packaging

We might not have our own alternative energy facility, but we are doing our bit to reduce landfill and protect the environment. And our bit includes running a scheme to cut down on the amount of packaging we use for products as much as we can.

This means that we produce less non-recyclable waste, allowing us to take more control over the impact we have on the world around us. It’s all part of our commitment to effective environmental management and saving the planet.

Discover more about how we do our bit to protect the environment and prevent climate change.

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