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How diners became ‘free-from’ a dietary dilemma

Eurest | Understanding you |  31 January 2017


Not so long ago, people with coeliac disease (and other food allergies) had a pretty rough deal when it came to finding food. Eating out could be incredibly difficult, while buying bread at the local shop was impossible.

These days, however, the boom in ‘free-from’ products has made meal times so much easier for many people.

Creating better choices

Gluten-free alternatives offer a good example of how eating habits and the recognition of dietary needs have changed. To get hold of it in years gone by, you had to get a prescription from your doctor, or spend ages hunting down a specific health food shop. 

Now everyone’s getting in on the act, from coffee shops to supermarkets — filling entire shelves with free-from produce.

Creating better diets

Last year, the sales of gluten-free foods in the UK shot up to £184 million — a 15 per cent increase on the year before. This shows just how many more shoppers are now buying these products. 

Saying that, the figures don’t necessarily suggest a huge increase in the number of people suffering with severe gluten intolerances. Many avoid eating gluten and wheat because they believe doing so will make their diets healthier — and help them lose weight.

Creating a better understanding

Some dismiss free-from foods as a trend (especially where celebrity gluten-free diets are involved). However, the increased interest in different dietary requirements is helping those who rely on the products to enjoy a better choice of foods than they had even three years ago.

Whether through fad or necessity, the rise in free-from produce shows how we’ve become more aware of our own diets. It has also kick-started a discussion about the basic ingredients that go into the food we eat, which can only be a positive thing.

When it comes to the workplace, knowing you have a good selection of meals available to you whatever your dietary needs gives you great peace of mind. It means you can work productively throughout the day, without worrying about what to eat and where to get it. 

That’s why we work to make sure we provide a selection of delicious meals to suit all dietary habits and requirements in all of our restaurants.

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