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How do you promote healthy eating in business and industry?

Eurest | Great food |  24 April 2017

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Food trends might change as often as the weather, but there’s one thing that consumers will always want on the menu. Find out what it is.

Providing better food choices

It’s often difficult to get a good grasp on the latest food trends. Just look at how much media coverage there is on the topic — with seemingly endless articles on food, nutrition, the obesity crisis and current fad diets.

However, the specific details in this area don’t necessarily matter. Our research has shown that consumers ultimately want one thing on their menu at all times — choice.

No one wants to have their food choices dictated to them. Increasingly, people are just looking for more transparency around the foods they eat. They want to make more-informed meal choices. And that’s why we’ve embraced healthy-eating initiatives with gusto.

Promoting a healthier workforce

Our approach to providing a wider range of healthier food choices has transformed the way we look at our menus.

From seasonal produce to low-carb, gluten-free and sugar-free, we’ve developed a better selection of meals to give our customers the choice they want. And this has a major impact on workplace productivity.

Better meal choices make for a happier workforce. This creates a positive mood across an organisation and gets the best out of everyone — boosting overall output.

Finding ways to focus on health

We’ve also found more subtle ways to improve nutrition in our meals. Following the launch of the Government’s Responsibility Deal, we’ve been a key part of Compass UK & Ireland’s 2020 strategy. This puts health and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

Part of this has been the tweaking of our recipes. We’ve managed to change our mix of ingredients to reduce the amounts of salt and fat in meals — without compromising on taste. We simply find other ways to add seasoning — using aromatic spice blends and punches of citrus instead.

We were also the first in the industry to reduce the size of our salt sachets by 25 per cent. It’s a simple idea with a disproportionately positive impact — because people don’t necessarily notice they’re consuming less.

Sharing our expert chefs’ top tips

Healthy eating doesn’t have to stay confined to the workplace, though. That’s why our chefs run 15-minute cookery demonstrations at some of our office locations — with recipe cards available for the audience to take home.

Taking place in the (traditionally) quieter times between breakfast and lunch, these workshops have seen a lot of love from our customers. People enjoy the ability to learn something new and give themselves more choice in what they eat every day. And our chefs love the challenge of devising recipes to match our ethos of health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Building more productive businesses

Increasingly, the organisations we work with are recognising the link between the food we serve and improved work productivity.

That’s why we provide a subtle combination of improved transparency and choice in our restaurants. And this gives our customers the meals they enjoy, while encouraging improved health and wellbeing.

We work hard to provide them with the options they want — helping them to lead healthier lives and be more productive.

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